Technipro, founded in 2003, specializes in the transfer of fluids in the port, liquefied gas, petrochemical and mining sectors.

      We intervene in projects according to predefined needs in order to provide turnkey services at all stages of realization, our company benefits from an experience that spans years of work and partnership with Moroccan and Foreigners suppliers to bring you the best technical solutions and those most adapted to your needs, we are committed to offer you a wide choice of equipment adapted to all types of fluids.

      Thanks to our ISO9001 certification (2008 version), our company guarantees you an inescapable quality of service and an exemplary service model by offering assistance and training for the use of each of our products.

Our History

2003: Creation of the company Technipro, our company is rapidly developing thanks to our professionalism and our experience which is confirmed over the following years in several sectors such as the port, oil and gas, water and air, mine and chemical sectors .


2009: Transfer of the head office to the industrial zone of South-West of Mohammedia, and in the same year, Technipro signed partnership agreements with major Moroccan and global suppliers such as ROTORK, KANON Loading Arms, ROTAIR, ADICOMP, FAS, DUNLOP, TELSTAR and others ...


2010: The company spreads its activities outside the works to specialize also in the marketing of ancillary equipment transfer of petroleum products and LPG (Gas and liquefied petroleum).


2014: The opening of a workshop of 1000m² dedicated to the manufacture of large volume and size, Technipro is also certified ISO9001 2008 version in the same year by the office Veritas.

Our values

In order to meet the needs of our customers and ensure a good quality of service, Technipro concentrates its efforts to bring you:

- Quality performance: by engaging with world-class suppliers who also meet the universal quality and service standards required 

- Total and assured satisfaction: by putting at our clients disposal our know-how and expertise in order to succeed in our commitments and keep our promises 

- Quality products: we offer a wide range of products to meet your needs from Moroccan and foreign suppliers known for their quality of service while respecting the quality / price ratio. 

- Experienced team: our team is made up of experienced engineers with proven know-how in accompanying your projects, our journey has also allowed us to develop a successful approach and a capacity to work as a team at all levels Of the client company with the quality of service in line with our promises. 

- Technical assistance: in addition to its capacity to provide equipment in the port, oil and other fields, Technipro is able to provide assistance and training throughout the use of its products by following up the work And the regular presence of all our teams. 

The values we have for years, Technipro has succeeded in founding a solid foundation of experience and professionalism and is committed through its projects to satisfy its customers, impeccable quality, within the standards and deadlines desired.

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